Preventing common knee injuries with Junckers sports & dance floor systems

Preventing common knee injuries with Junckers sports & dance floor systems

Two common knee injuries:

Strains / sprains

A strain is an injury to a muscle in which the muscle fibre tears as a result of overstretching. With knee strains, symptoms similar to a sprain may appear and there may be bruising around the injured area. A sprain is an injury to the ligaments around a joint. When a ligament is stretched too far or tears, the joint will become painful and swell.

Patellar tendinitis (jumper’s knee) is a common strain that usually results from overuse. It is an inflammatory condition that causes pain in the front of the knee. It can worsen by continual tearing or from degeneration of the tendon.

Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

An anterior cruciate ligament injury is the over-stretching or tearing of the ACL in the knee and it could be partial or complete. Basketball and volleyball are examples of court sports linked to ACL tears.



Prevention is better than cure, and this is a widely known fact. Many people purchase running shoes with support and cushioning to help with shock and impact absorption. However, the surface on which an individual runs on does contribute to preventing injuries as well.


Advantages of Junckers sports floor:

  1. Shock absorption
  2. Vertical deformation
  3. Ball bounce
  4. Optimal amount of friction
  5. Point load

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A shock-absorbing floor minimises the risk of injuries, especially of knees. The floor’s ability to absorb shock depends on its ability to flex when exposed to a dynamic load. Fast indoor sports like basketball, badminton, volleyball and even squash requires a floor with high friction. However, a friction that is too high makes the floor too rough and athletes may trip, while a friction that is too low would cause athletes to slip.


Indoor sports halls in schools, clubs, and associations provide people with a location to conduct physical activities in any weather condition. Here at Prospec Surfaces, we feel that Junckers Sport Floor would be a value addition to any indoor sports hall. With a wide product range, Junckers covers the full spectrum from Standard performance to High performance. Standard Performance floors are particularly suited for dance studios, aerobics, and health studios. High Performance foors meet the demands in high impact sports and high performing dance events.


Junckers offers both portable and stationary sports and dance floor solutions. No matter whether Standard performance or High performance floors are chosen, Junckers sports and dance floor systems are the most flexible solutions when the floor must accommodate a number of different activities. Two additional tests in relation to strength and stability are done at Junckers’ own factory although there are no demands by the European Committee for Standardisation. Therefore, one can never go wrong with Junckers.



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